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Benj Haisch

Theme: Contemporary (Light)

I’ve been looking for a good slideshow maker for years and have always ended up giving up on them altogether. As soon as I tried SmartSlides I knew I found the solution. It’s quick, intuitive, and the results are beautiful. My clients absolutely love them.

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Ana Elena

Theme: Simple

Smartslides made me get excited about my own work. Its intuitive and simple interface gives me the ability to create a final product in minutes. And the best part - HAPPY CLIENTS!

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Candice Cusic

Theme: Contemporary (Dark)

Thank you, SmartSlides, for taking something I dreaded doing and turning it into something I love to do! No more hunting for music or working with confusing programs, I wish every software was this beautifully simple to use! I love the songs and have received tremendous feedback from my clients. SmartSlides takes them back to their wedding day and helps them relive it.

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Emily Porter

Theme: Contemporary (Light)

SmartSlides makes creating slideshows a quick and painless process. The ability to separate moments of the day into different tracks is something we've never seen before in a slideshow software, and it's one of the things that really sets Smartslides apart from other slideshow solutions. And the music options! Anyone who has spent time searching for great royalty-free music for slideshows knows what a headache it is to sift through, often with disappointing results. To have the ability to upload our own tracks in addition to the great selection of different styles of music already built in is a huge bonus. But our favorite part about SmartSlides is the gorgeous presentation. Each finalized slideshow is professional and beautiful and gives viewers a sleek final product. 

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The Brenizers

Contemporary (Dark)

I have been begging for an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly slideshow since I first held an iPhone. The Smartslides team has done it better than I imagined. With built-in hosting and no lengthy processing and compression time, it means I can send slideshows to clients about 30 seconds after I finish. The integrated royalty-free music library speeds up another time-consuming part of the process. Taking all the points of friction away has made me love slideshows again.

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Pablo Beglez

Contemporary (Light)

As a wedding photographer, it’s very important that the delivery of my work is as visual and surprising as possible. Every time I had to use another slide-editing program, it was torture and I wasted a lot of time. The day I saw SmartSlides I could not believe what I was seeing! It was as if finally someone had heard my complaints and developed a perfect program. Now it only takes 5 minutes to make a slideshow. I don't have to go crazy looking for music and I don’t need much space on my website to host them. It's just amazing.

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